After doing the Food News Fast roundup at Food Politic for the last two years, this is just second nature to me. Rather than just focusing on food, however, I’m giving myself the liberty of linking to articles all over the internet! How exciting!

Eater’s wonderful longform series published a story about a foie gras and goose farmer who had a crisis of conscience over force feeding his flock.

Gastropod, a show that feels like what would happen if Radiolab decided to focus exclusively on food, has become one of my favorite podcasts. Today, their episode on Breakfast is up on Civil Eats along with a brief written description (for those of you who don’t have enough time for a 43-minute audio piece).

Food magazine Lucky Peach recently launched a digital publication to go with their long-time print quarterly. This article about a surprisingly popular brand of ramen and the challenges of apartment hunting in India is particularly funny.

Until next week!