Earlier this week New York City was stood up by a blizzard that was supposed to drop 20-30 inches of snow and instead left about five inches. At least my dog liked playing in it. Because many people were grudgingly trudging to work on Tuesday, phone calls and interviews that I’d planned on postponing went back on my radar. Great for meeting deadlines but hard when I’d expected to lay around watching snow-themed movies all day.

If you were hiding under a rock last week, you may have missed the big news. Namely that Modern Farmer has (temporarily?) closed up shop. The news came on Friday–one day after Food Politic: Journal of Food News and Culture also said its goodbyes. Though since then, Modern Farmer has announced that it hired a new Editor in Chief and expects to put out a summer issue officially making this the most confusing closing-not-closing-but-maybe-eventually-still-closing I’ve ever seen.

In “great things to read on the internet” news:

Narratively published an article about street vendors in Los Angeles and the one woman who is working to make their businesses legal.

NPR covered companies that are trying to make vegetable-based sushi (no overfishing required.) and a new law in Seattle that makes throwing food away a punishable offense.

The news that scientists discovered how to “unboil” an egg has been covered in just about every media outlet this week. The most useful article I found was in Time–just a short piece on why it actually matters.

Hold onto your calories: in obligatory Superbowl-themed news, The Washington Post wants you to know just how much food you’ll probably inhale this Sunday.

The New Yorker profiles attorney Bill Marler who works on food safety cases and probes at the reasons why food is still unsafe.


These eerily alive ceramics by Ronit Baranga will make you feel like you’re competing for the food on your plates.

In the non-food category:

The Huffington Post published an excellent longform piece on heroin treatment programs and why we’re not using the one thing that works.

Aeon delves into why we love talking animals so damn much.

And just for fun, Snickers developed the trippiest Super Bowl commercial I’ve ever seen. Have you ever wanted a Brady Bunch-Steve Buscemi-Machete mashup? Now’s your chance.

Until next week.