One of my favorite current voices in food, Nathanael Johnson at Grist, sums up six months of blogging about the best way to feed the growing number of people on this planet.

In case you’ve ever wondered if your love for bananas is going to kill you, Gizmodo tried to find out how much of different foods you’d need to eat before you poisoned yourself. Useful stuff.

If you’re a ramen eater, you’ve likely come across a flavor known only as “oriental.” Lucky Peach tries to figure out what oriental is supposed to taste like.

Want your dog to learn a new trick? Teach them to become professional truffle hunters.

Farmer Jaclyn Moyer writes for Salon about what it’s like to be one of many farmers who can’t make a living.

Bloomberg Business focuses on how too much demand can be a bad thing – specifically for organic milk which grocery stores buy enough of.