I have been so busy coming up with and writing new articles that this blog has been languishing at the bottom of my to-do list. (Coming in just slightly behind “clean the fish tank”*.)

One of the articles keeping me busy is a feature that appears in the newest edition of Lucky Peach magazine. For their Fantasy issue, I delved into the fact and fiction of Medieval Times (read all about it here)–that restaurant and tournament chain that brings knights, falcons, and eating with your hands together into a beautiful fiasco of what we think the “old times” should be.Lucky Peach Medieval Times Danovich

It’ll be hitting the stands by August 19 and those of you smart enough to have a subscription may already have your copy. As a treat for anyone who reads this blog, here’s the photo Medieval Times’ tireless photographic lords and ladies took of me as part of the “King’s celebration package” I purchased with my ticket. Game of Thrones royalty has nothing on us.

Lucky Peach Medieval Times Danovich

*Don’t worry, I cleaned the fish tank again this morning.